c l i f f   b a r n e s d i a r y s o n g s n e w s d a t e s c o n t a c t
e q u i p m e n t s t u f f p r e s s g u e s t l i n k s o r d e r

- News Tonight -

hey, watch me spit
that's how i feel about what you said
i can't take this crap
you should watch the cartoons instead
if you could listen to your heart
if you could feel the misery
would you learn a little sympathy?

they say there's four more dead
and we'll be back after this next break
look there's a guy with no legs
or is he just paying for his mistakes?
if i could fly you to the scene
if i could show you how it should be
would you learn a little sympathy?

and on a sleepless night
you'll hear the voices calling out your name
they say the hostages died
and they're still looking for someone to blame
if i gave you absolution
or if i shot you in the knee
could you learn a little sympathy?

lyrics by Robert Tijuana 2000