c l i f f   b a r n e s d i a r y s o n g s n e w s d a t e s c o n t a c t
e q u i p m e n t s t u f f p r e s s g u e s t l i n k s o r d e r

- Baby's not in love -

love is like honey, it's slow and it's sweet
so why are you afraid?
i'm just looking for a way to your heart
with a love that you can't evade

she lives alone in the middle of town
she's got a sony tv
she will tell you she's up when she's feeling down
lying on her blue settee

sometimes i think when she looking at me
she's searching for herself
she packed her love in a plastic bag
and left it on the shelf

baby's doing business, baby's making cash
baby wants some tenderness, but baby's not in love

i don't want to sleep alone tonight
i don't want to have enough
i don't want to wait for that telephone to ring
i want a baby in love

she tells herself that love is a risk
something she can't handle
she turns to me and gives me one last kiss
before she blows out the candle

baby's got some friends, baby's got a job
and baby sometimes pretends, that baby's not in love