c l i f f   b a r n e s d i a r y s o n g s n e w s d a t e s c o n t a c t
e q u i p m e n t s t u f f p r e s s g u e s t l i n k s o r d e r

Ok, all you perverted equipment freaks, go gaga on this section, but don't forget to wipe the saliva (or whatever!) from your monitor afterwards!

See old guitars and look at the sustain (sorry about the Spinal Tap reference!), check out Boogie's multitude of guitars and effects - enough to start a junk shop! Stare open mouthed at Bob's collection of pencils, biros, felt tips and markers for writing lyrics. Wonder at Marc's 25 Vox AC 30's and find out why he never has a plectrum! Collect tips about to make your hi-hat ring like Moses does, he actually learnt all he knows off the back of a cornflakes packet, now days you can go to Amazon.com and order "Hi hats for dummies"! Gasp at Tom's collection of porno magazines because he doesn't own a bass rig at the moment.

We also some tricks out of the studios we used: Like how do you make a Maltese Cross? You turn off the air-conditioning in his studio. Nah, I'm only kidding!

- Bob
- Marcus
- Moses
- Boogie
- Tom


Fear Factory

Temple Studios