c l i f f   b a r n e s d i a r y s o n g s n e w s d a t e s c o n t a c t
e q u i p m e n t s t u f f p r e s s g u e s t l i n k s o r d e r

- Diary -

Here is everything and I mean absolutely everything about the "godsatwork.com" record from CLIFF BARNES and the FEAR OF WINNING.

Everything means band break-ups, prima donna tantrums from the singer, blatently obvious "credit poaching" from the bass player unsatisfied with his pityfull existence and suffering from a gigantic four string inferiority complex, outrageuous Nirvana stories invented by the drummer to try to impress the rest of the band, studios in cellers, studios in the sun, dictaphone demos and Neve computer automation, songs to make you cry, songs to make you laugh, made with the heart for the soul.

Enjoy........You can read about the time before we started recording (pre-production), recording the basic tracks and mixing in Malta. Even the mastering process is registered here.



The making of godsatwork.com