c l i f f   b a r n e s d i a r y s o n g s n e w s d a t e s c o n t a c t
e q u i p m e n t s t u f f p r e s s g u e s t l i n k s o r d e r

- Before/Day 1 -

First rehearsal at the Fear Factory in Osnabrück. Started with the four new songs we had been playing live. "Sally and Johnny" a song about love, loneliness and a way around it. The central theme is summed up in the line "some learn to feel while others just learn how to touch". Sven has come all the way from Hamburg to be with us tonight and his slide playing makes this song really work. We tried to get the tempo right, Deko said 97 bpm but don't odd numbers bring bad luck?
Songs rehearsed - Sally and Johnny, I Want Everything, I won't love you to, The News Tonight.

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